Must Watch Light-Hearted Movies On Netflix


Netflix has been one of the best sources of unconventional movies and series for a long time now. For today’s youth entertainment begins with Netflix! Binge watching TV series and movies with a tub of popcorn is all the youth is doing nowadays. All thanks to Netflix. Their never-ending movies and popular T.V shows have gained a huge liking amongst the viewers.

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

This beautiful piece by Netflix is a teen comedy-drama film. The movie has gotten a mixed reaction from the critics. Where many critics mock it for the narrative problems and call it cringe-worthy, many have appreciated the film for the way it is portrayed too. Shannon Purser adds up to the movie’s fame with her acting. This film has been in quite a lot of controversies for LGBTQ jokes and leads pretending to be deaf in a scene. Even after such debatable controversies, this film ends up getting good ratings.

To All the Boys I’ve loved before

This film was into the limelight quite early because of its plot being the New York Times bestseller novel by Jenny Han. This film was highly popular because of the controversial tweets by male lead Israel Broussard who played Josh in the movie. Loved by many people and critics as well, the controversies can still be accounted for immense public reach.

Lust Stories

This film encompasses many rising celebs of Bollywood who are loved by critics and the audience. They include Radhika Apte, Vicky Kaushal, and many others. This unconventional Indian film goes off the regular standards of the way relationships have been shown. The movie has adult romance and conversation which has grabbed lots of attention. Gossips have raised the publicity to a whole another level.

Alex Strangelove

This is again one such teen, drama, comedy film which has grabbed colossal audience attention. What put this movie apart from others are the rumors that this movie promotes the concept of erasing bisexuality. Later on, it was explained that this film was never up to the bisexual side. It was just meant to show the hard times a gay has heteronormative fighting ideas.

These were just a few of the movies that caught the viewers’ minds. All the above-listed movies are sure to leave your eyes a little bit teary and make you emotionally refreshed.  If you haven’t had a chance to watch these amazing films, go watch it on Netflix today!