Man arrested on the sets of Daniel Craig’s James Bond movie sets


Well the sufferings are not getting over and consistently hurting the making of much anticipated James Bond film 25. The no name upcoming 007 James Bond film under severe pressure, as number of things are going on with the film. The already delayed shoot film met another unwanted incident, this time a man arrested on the sets of Daniel Craig’s James Bond movie sets. The project has suffered repeated delays: original director Danny Boyle pulled out in August, and was replaced the following month by Cary Joji Fukunaga. In May, Craig was injured during filming, requiring ankle surgery.

When, Where and How?

It appears like Bond 25’s problems refuse to leave the film. The upcoming James Bond movie is currently in the production phase. After it crossed the troubled waters to pin down on a director, Bond 25 continues to head a bumpy road towards its release date. The filming of the Daniel Craig starrer was halted a few weeks ago after the protagonist injured his ankle during filming. If that wasn’t enough, an under controlled blast went wrong and ruined the sets of the spy movie. The movie is supposed to restart filming next week after the filming was put on hold due to Craig’s injury.

James Bond 25 and Suffering Continues

It has been reported that a man has been handcuffed after a camera was found in the women’s bathroom. According to the news, an unidentified man was arrested for allegedly planting cameras in the women’s bathroom. While not many details are known about the man, it has been reported that he’s a 49-year-old man. The suspect has been charged with voyeurism. He will be presented in court on June 29.

Despite that, Prince Charles visited the sets of the film, meeting Craig as well as Naomie Harris and Ralph Fiennes, who portray the role of Moneypenny and M respectively.

“You haven’t had  more things blowing up recently?” Charles reportedly asked a set worker. This comes after when a bomb goes wrong and destroyed the sets.

The news comes days after the makers shared a picture of Craig warming up in the gym, preparing for his return to the sets. The actor still sported an ankle brace. Meanwhile, Rami Malek also shared an update about his role in the movie. The Oscar-winning actor, who plays the villain in the 007 movie, revealed that he hasn’t shot with Craig yet. “I haven’t shot with Daniel yet, but I’m thrilled to work with him.”