Lindsay Lohan Posted a nude selfie On her Birthday!


It says that fans and media can expect anything from Lindsay Lohan. Before her upcoming 33rd birthday, fans and media is expecting something different comes from her. And as per expectation Lindsay Lohan posted a nude selfie on Instagram in celebration of her 33rd birthday. Besides that picture, she looks confident as well, and she captioned the steamy selfie with bow and cake emojis.

Earlier, Lohan also shared videos from her “pre-birthday” dinner in Mykonos, Greece, on her Instagram Stories. The video highlighted the place settings and guests, which appeared to include her sister Ali. “How cool is this?” Lohan said in the video as she showed off her intricate place setting.

Lindsay Lohan Posted Nude Selfie

After the singer posted her bold picture, messages started to came for wishing her birthday. But few fans also trolled her soon she posted a controversial picture. She was quickly flooded with birthday messages from her fans, many of whom praised her for posting the sexy image.

“Queen of birthday suits,” one wrote, while another added, “Break the internet”.

Others questioned why a television could be seen on the floor in the background of the image, with one commenting: “I’m so confused. Why is the tv on the floor?????????? #somanyquestions.” And YouTube star Alx James wrote: “Girl I’ll come hang that tv up on the wall for you. that’ll be my early Birthday present to you!! sike I don’t know how to do It either (sic).

Besides that, some appreciated her to show off everything but her NSFW parts in the sexy shot. The actress and singer captioned with a simple pink bow and birthday cake emojis. Lindsay kept it pretty minimal all around, and accessorized her “outfit” with a pair of studs and stacked gold bracelets on her wrist.

Earlier, Lohan rose to fame in the late ’90s and early 2000s for her roles in films like “The Parent Trap,” “Freaky Friday,” and “Mean Girls” before withdrawing from the spotlight amid reports of problems with substance abuse.