Kate Beckinsale deletes all her Instagram photographs


Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson’s relationship is the most unexpected celebrity relation. As coupling to happen since, Davidson’s relationship end with Ariana Grande. Following in her new boy friend footsteps, actress Kate Beckinsale deleted all of her Instagram posts. Although her posts are gone, the account hasn’t been deleted as all Instagram users, including her 2.8 million followers, are still able to access the page, and the blank account still shows she is following 356 people.

It says because most of people including fans were trolling those posts. Many people have often expressed their opinions about her romance with SNL star Pete Davidson, 25, and their age difference. However, despite the negativity their relationship is receiving online, it seems that everything is glowing between Kate and Pete.

Kate Beckinsale deletes all her Instagram photographs

Although Kate Beckinsale deletes all her Instagram photographs, as they were receiving negative comments.

Else that, every thing is rosy between them. A source close to actress claimed that, “She’s very happy with Pete.” He further added “They have really similar senses of humor and she’s always laughing with him.”

On the other hand, both are keeping the things low-key since then, but there have been a few public outings that suggest their affection is at least growing.

People can see from kissing at a hockey game to a rumored vacation with friends. And in Hollywood these two are shaping up to be the It Couple of 2019. Besides they are dating, keep in mind neither has formally confirmed their relationship status.