Game of Thrones 8! Cersei Lannister and her unborn baby


The promos of the eighth season of Game Of Thrones have kept all fans to be nervous and excited as well. Nobody has seen the trailer of the eighth season but the enthusiasm for the series is at another level. After seven seasons the show has got such cult following that in its one year of absence everyone lost their calm. Now the show will return to the TV sets for its season finale and the hype is ever increasing.

Several fan theories are already popping up on social media. Many are suggesting that Jon Snow will end up marrying Cersei Lannister. While others even expected that Daenerys Targaryen will die in the season finale. However, the latest theory that has popped on the internet has left everyone shocked.

 Cersei Lannister

Fans are wondering every small detail after the release of the trailer and are also coming up with theories regarding the show’s characters. A latest fan theory that is breaking is internet, thinks that Cersei Lannister will give her unborn child to the Night King. As per the theory in season 7, Cersei had revealed to her brother and partner Jaime Lannister by gestures that she is pregnant with his child.

Well many belives that, her offering to the Night King is something that is believable. According to another theory, Jon Snow and Daenerys could also be the parents to offer their baby to the Night King.

Apparently, offering a baby to the White Walkers led by the Night King would make him return to his land. Well, if this is it what takes the Night King to bow down, then it might just ruin the hype of the show.