Fatima Sana Shaikh opens up on sexual harassment


The Dangle girl Fatima Sana Shaikh spoke about having faced sexual harassment. The actress, however, maintained that she doesn’t want to publicly share it and doesn’t want to get judged for the same. She recently gave her views on sexual harassment and said that while she is still handling with it. The actress doesn’t want to feel judged for not sharing her story.

She also added that sexual assault has been normalized in our society to an extent that women accept it normally in their day to day life. While talking about the sexual harassment she said that she is dealing with it. While Fatima Sana Shaikh opens up on sexual harassment said that she doesn’t want to reveal that side of my life. I’m dealing with it.

Fatima Sana Shaikh opens up on sexual harassment

Appreciating the MeToo movement for giving the specific platform for victims of sexual harassment, she further said,” Now sexual predators are scared of being shamed in public and shunned by the industry. For so many years we had normalized assault to such an extent that women had come to accept abuse as something that was normal.”

The actress further explained that she has spoken about it to people who are close to her. Just like I won’t judge those who want to share their horror stories, I expect not to be judged for not sharing mine.”

Fatima Sana Shaikh was last seen in Thugs of Hindustan where she starred alongside Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Katrina Kaif among others. The movie proved to be flop at the box office and Fatima, just like Aamir, took full responsibility for it. But for her, she did not consider the movie as a failure.