Cold Pursuit movie! Liam Neeson on Winning Side


Liam Neeson’s action always, lives up to its title. From his movies Taken, Run All Night to The Commuter, Non-Stop and to Taken 2, he is amazing. In those entire movies the provocative occurrence from the previous film takes place again.

And here comes the Cold Pursuit, Neeson’s newest, which receives its title stripes and lets a bunch of bad guys take away his son in a town that seems to have a perpetual winter. Unsurprisingly, this invites his anger and he begins finding and killing them. Then he works gradually his way towards the drug lord at the top, seemingly unstoppable.

Cold Pursuit

Well in the film, when suddenly, director Hans Petter Moland jettisons Neeson’s killing spree and picks up a newly minted narrative strand. One involving a turf war between Viking, the drug lord Neeson is after, and White Bull, his American Indian rival. Moland appears to have forgotten about Neeson’s vengeful mission altogether.

The story: Nels Coxman (Liam Neeson) operates a snowplow for a Colorado ski resort. His son is found dead from a drug overdose. Later, he is told that his son may have been murdered by a mob boss nicknamed Viking (Tom Bateman). Coxman takes advantage of his record as an upstanding citizen and knowledge of the mountains to take down the gang – one member at a time.

But because star Liam Neeson this month gave an interview in which he admitted to seeking revenge on a random black man years ago because a friend was raped, this movie is as blanketed in controversy as the snowy mountains that form much of the story’s backdrop.