Amala Paul Open Up to Nude Scene in Film ‘Aadai’


There are few films, which are marking their appearance with pout of box stories and scenes in Bollywood. Among them, Aadai is one of the films, which has different story and acting. The upcoming film Aadai will show controversial visuals, including a nude scene of Amala Paul. The stunning actress recently spoke about the same. It seems that Tamil film industry is somewhat different from the mainstream film industry Bollywood, because of their story and script. Recently, Amala Paul came under the radar due to her controversial scenes in the film. After that Amala Paul opens open about nude scene in the film Aadai. She said the crew gave her the confidence to do and it’s according to the situation.

The actress in her recent interview said that she was about to leave the industry, if the film Aadai dint offer to her.  She said that she was looking out for some good woman-centric scripts when Aadai happened. The actress talked about her controversial nude scene and why she wouldn’t have done the scene if she didn’t trust the crew. The Tamil actress said, “I was telling my manager that I wanted to quit the industry because the synopsis I was receiving from filmmakers all felt like a lie. Yes, they were heroine-centric… but the concepts were simple.”

Amala Paul Open Up to Nude Scene

The actress Amala Paul revealed that when the director comes up with the script, i laughed and said that is it the copy of any English. She was surprised when the director Rathna Kumar approached her to narrate the whole script, and she didn’t trust him to be an original script. “I asked him if it was a remake of an English film.

Besides the script and the producer of the film spoke to her about that nude scene but she told him that not to worry about. She said she was nervous on the shooting d,. “It is only when I reached that point, I was feeling stressed. I was anxious to know about what is happening on the sets, who were all going to be there, and if there was security.”

But with trust and confidence given by the crew she did the scene. According to her only 15 crew members and actors were there on the sets. And it would have been difficult for her to shoot that if she didn’t trust them.