The War of Words between Kangana Ranaut and Media


So, it says that when there is Kangana, there is fuss. Who can happen that Kangana appears on show and it goes unnoticed. That’s what happened, when kangana Ranaut appear with whole of ‘Jugmental hai Kya’ team. It includes director, producer and rest of the cast. Well, at the event due behavior and questions, the war of words between Kangana Ranaut and Media started. At that point Ekta and Rajkummar put water on the fire.

Kangana Ranaut and a Reporter got into a heated argument when Kangana Accuses the journalist got insulting her film Manikarnika the queen of Jhansi in his review. Watch Kangana and the male reporter argument and how Kangana banned the reporter from all her event. JudgeMentall Hai Kya will see Kangana & Rajkummar play two prime suspects of a captivating murder mystery case. The two actors are pitted against each other in the film and will be seen indulging in a game of one upmanship.