Actress Vijayalakshmi Attempted Suicide after Being Harassed

Actress Vijayalakshmi Attempted Suicide After Being Harassed

After the shocking suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput because of mental stress, another actor tried to end her life. Actress Vijayalakshmi attempted suicide alleging harassment and bullying by the followers of actor turned politician Seeman. She recently made headlines for putting up her voice against Seeman and the agony she was allegedly facing from the actor-turned-politician and his party. The actress is now under treatment at the hospital in Chennai.

Vijayalakshmi Attempted Suicide

Vijayalakshmi Attempted Suicide

In the video which was uploaded by the actress on Facebook, Vijayalakshmi said, “This is my last video and I have been in tremendous stress in the last four months because of Seeman and his partymen. I tried my level best to survive all these days because of my mother and sister, but I have been humiliated in the media by Harinadar recently.”

After Vijayalakshmi posted this video, her sister Usha rushed to her residence, and with the help of actress Gayathri Raghuram, they admitted Vijayalakshmi to a private hospital in Adyar. According to Gayathri, Vijayalakshmi’s health is stable now and she is out of danger.

The Magistrate has recorded Vijayalakshmi’s statement. A complaint has been filed on behalf of Vijayalakshmi against Seeman at the relevant police station.