Why Did PC Leave Shooting for Bharat?


We recently came across a news that stated PC is no longer a part of Bharat. It was a shocker for almost everyone including the whole crew and cast of the film. Ever since Priyanka Chopra left Bharat, we are all curious to know the actual reason behind her step.

Most of PC’s fans are left with a question, what made Priyanka Chopra go such a massive project? Everybody is making different assumptions about her sudden exit, but no one is aware of the real reason. Priyanka hasn’t created any remarks about her exiting the sets of Bharat permanently.

About Bharat

Bharat is an Ali Abbas Zafar film. The star cast of the film includes Salman Khan, as the main lead. An actress like Tabu, Nora Fatehi, and Disha Patani will also be seen in this movie. Bharat is said to be a Hindi remake of a South Korean film, Ode to My Father. The movie is expected to release on the 5th of June, 2019. The film has a dramatic plot to it. Priyanka Chopra was supposed to play the role of Salman Khan’s wife in the movie. But now that she is no more a part of the movie, the directors are looking for her replacement. A recent source claimed that Katrina Kaif is being considered as their very first preference.

Reason Behind PC leaving Bharat

Since PC hasn’t given any comment stating the real reason for leaving the vast project, we cannot honestly state a strong idea. Some are saying that Priyanka wanted to focus on her budding relationship with Nick Jonas. Getting involved in a film like Bharat will make things difficult for her. However, we even heard from a source that Priyanka, an international star was not sure if Bharat will be any good for her image. She thought that Bharat was an ensemble cast movie and being a part of the film might damage her image.

A recent source stated that “Priyanka was initially pleased with the movie as she was in the movie right from the beginning till the end. But, while she was away from the town, she kept getting news about star cast being added to the movie. PC did not want to face a scenario that Jacqueline Fernandez faced in Race 3. So, she decided to move out of the film.”

Well, we don’t know if this is the actual reason. But, Ali Abbas and Salman Khan are not entirely happy with such a sudden exit of Priyanka. Ali Abbas commented on Priyanka to be unprofessional.