Shveta Salve in Bikini! Being Bad Mommy


Indian TV actress Shveta Salve likes to lead life her way and believes in the policy of ‘live and let live’. She hit back with strong response after being criticized on social media. However, many of the social media users like to play moral police. The mother of a two-year-old was taken aback after her Instagram story attracted unwanted comments that labeled her a bad mother for smoking and drinking.

Actress Shveta Salve was on a vacation in Goa with her family and friends.  She was rudely interrupted by social media trolls for posting a picture, in which she can be seen smoking a cigarette with a glass of wine in her hand.

The Post

The actress had first posted the pictures on her Instagram story.  However, after receiving direct messages from some Instagram users, who slammed her for “setting a bad example” for her daughter, Shveta added the pictures to her Instagram page with a note for the trolls. “Yes I drink and smoke.”

In her post she said,” I am real, honest and basic like that. It has to be of no reason that anyone ever judge me for the person I am or the Mom I am… I don’t propagate it and neither do I question anyone else who does, so I would respect the same back.”

Actress further elaborated, “How does this (smoking and drinking) make me a bad person or a bad mom?? Do you see me wasting my life? Do you see me sitting unemployed and jobless? Do you see me neglecting my child? I work, I work multiple jobs – I’m an actor, dancer and an entrepreneur. I successfully live in two major cities of our glorious country. Risking the fact that I might sound aggressive but don’t ever question my abilities of being a bad example to my child,” she added.

She shared the same note with another picture of herself in which she can be seen sipping wine.