A Shame for Bollywood, Writer and Actor Kader Khan Died and Rites Abroad


Veteran actor Kader Khan died in a hospital in Canada, he was 81. Kader Khan’s son Sarfaraz told that the actor died due to prolonged illness. “My dad has left us. He slipped into coma in the afternoon. He was in the hospital for 16-17 weeks; moreover Kader Khan’s son also confirmed that the last rites will be performed in Canada. “The last rites will be performed here in Canada only. We have our entire family here and we live here so we are doing it,” Kader’s son added.

It’s been tragedy for India and Bollywood cinema, an actor and writer kader Khan, who gave his life to the Bollywood industry, was left neglected in his last years. Now on his death, voices that are rising for him have no use now. And more over, the actor will be buried in Canada, not on his own soil India.

Bollywood Career

There was a time when no Hindi film could be without him. He starred in almost any and every movie that came out during the 80s and 90s. He had been everything from a genial father, uncle and brother to a villainous goon.

He was one of the rare artistes in the industry who was highly regarded for his spot-on comic timing and be taken seriously as a drama actor. He could play an earnest father in Raja Babu and a principal villain in Parvarish with equal finesse. Apart from acting in over 400 films, Kader Khan was talented enough to write his own dialogues, and daring enough to pull it off. Easily one of the best dialogue writers in the world of Hindi cinema, Khan had a hand in the writing of many classic gems.

Well easily said that, if Amitabh Bachchan is ‘The Amitabh Bachchan’ then it is in large part due to Khan’s brilliant ability to bake realism and drama into his dialogues. From ‘Apun bahut famous aadmi… bada bada paper mein apun ka chota chota photo chapta hai’ in Amar Akbar Anthony to ‘Aaj shaam che bajhe maut ke saath apna appointment hai’ in Agneepath, Khan had given the Hindi cinema some of its most memorable dialogues.

Actors Reaction

Shakti Kapoor

Many actors reaction on kader Khan’s death, but Shakti Kapoor has outspoken all with his bitter words. He criticizes both the nation and film industry for his death. It’s a very sad moment. It’s not a very good first day of the year. He said I have spent half my acting career with Kader Khan – we did over 100 films together, the maximum any two co-stars have done together. Now that he is gone, the film industry has been thinking about him. Why do people remember an actor when they are not alive? Why can’t they say something nice when the person is working or when they are sick or when they are struggling? They only start talking about an actor when they are no more and they are not around to hear it all.

When Kader Khan was not working for the last decade and was suffering, nobody was very concerned about him. Why was he left so lonely? And why are actors left so alone when they are sick or not doing too well? Kader Khan was financially very secure but very lonely because when he was sick, not many people visited him or spent time with him. He was left alone with his family.

Shatrughan Sinha

Shatrughan Sinha, an actor and politician said, we should learn a lesson from Kader Khan’s death. He urged everyone to take better care of artistes so that they don’t feel neglected. “Why was he in Canada during the time of his death? Kader Khan has given so much to our entertainment industry…What a sad start to 2019. There is a lesson to be learnt from Kader Khan’s death in a foreign country. We need to take better care of our artistes so that they don’t feel neglected,” he said.