Akshay Kumar angry on Betraying By Salman Khan & Rohit Shetty


It seems that two superstars and a famous director are under the radar. It started as the fans of action hero Akshay Kumar went out of control when they heard the news about the change of date for his film Sooryavanshi. The outrage of Akshay Kumar’s fans ever since Rohit Shetty and Salman Khan decided to manage the release of Sooryavanshi to avoid its clash with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Inshallah. After that Akshay fans clearly got a sniff of the actor’s predicament and started bashing Rohit Shetty. But now, Akshay Kumar is also angry on betraying By Salman Khan & Rohit Shetty.

Earlier, the Bollywood star has calm down his fans and diffuses the situation. But an insider says that he himself is not that calms, which appears as to be. The start feels being betrayed, the change date remained secret and he was kept in dark.

Akshay Kumar angry on Salman Khan & Rohit Shetty

As per reports, Akshay Kumar had stepped apart for Sanjay Leela Bhansali in order that Padman and Padmaavat do not find yourself clashing on the field workplace. It reveals, “Akshay was in no mood to move this time. It was all done between Salman Khan and Rohit Shetty.”

Earlier, a web news claim, “Akshay was not even taken into confidence before the decision to prepone Sooryavanshi was taken. It was all decided between Salman and Rohit Shetty, and the announcement was made on a public platform.

Alongside that, the Akshay and Salman have never been very close friends. In fact, due to some reasons, their relationship has always been strained. Last time, Salman was supposed to co-produce Akshay Kumar’s Kesari along with Karan Johar but soon, Salman chose to step back, leaving everyone appalled!

Sooryavanshi’s new release date March 27 and was announced not by director Rohit Shetty or lead star Akshay Kumar.

But it was done Salman Khan himself with a statement that said: “I always thought of him as my younger brother and today he proves it… Sooryavanshi releasing on 27th March, 2020.” This upset fans of the Kesari actor, who began posting tweets criticizing the decision. Here’s a glimpse of how a section of Twitted reacted.