Kartik Aaryan – Sara Ali Khan get serious! Parents Approved Too


It seems like that the young pair in the film is serious to become life partner. According to some interesting news Kartik Aaryan – Sara Ali Khan get serious, moreover parents approved it too. So, we are going to have a young actors wedding soon in the film industry. Sara Ali Khan belongs to ‘Nawab’ family, and her father and actor Saif Ali Khan owns a state called ‘Pataudi’, while Kartik is young and promising actor with super future in Bollywood.

It appears as Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan have found true love in each other. The relationship, which started on a light flirtatious note, has apparently now reached the two families. Sara dropping in at a Mumbai hospital to meet Kartik’s ailing father is indicative of how warmly she has been accepted by Kartik’s family, and he by her family. On the other hand, Sara’s mother Amrita Singh also likes Kartik and conceivably he is Sara’s first boyfriend that her mother approves of.

Kartik Aaryan – Sara Ali Khan Get Serious

While, elaborating the report, “They are definitely serious about one another. Sara’s mom (Amrita Singh) really likes Kartik. On the other hand, there is one issue perhaps, as Kartik’s parents are conventional small-town residents belonging to a very different culture and lifestyle from the one that Sara comes from. So, the source close this development said that Sara has made an effort to win them over, and succeeded.

Other than this, the relationship is heading to the altar? Says the source, “Sara and Karik are young. Let them have their fun. We will see about marriage later. It means, definitely, the approval from the parents are on, so there is will be reason, if some dating or other news comes out.

Besides being approval from the mother, Sara’s father, Saif Ali Khan has so far not commented on her relationship with Kartik. Earlier, when Saif and Sara were on Karan Johar’s chat show some months ago Sara had shown her fondness for Kartik. Rather Saif taunt’s his daughter and Kartik by saying that as long as Kartik have money, it good.