Victoria Beckham’s anti ageing moisturizer made from her Blood


World is a strange place, people always dream and wish to live young forever. But these seems to be very awkward when people especially celebrities wanted to look young for long. Well celebrities, specifically beauty queens around the world, who can done anything and can cross any limit to remains beautiful and charming. So, there is also a stage thing in this big world, it is reported that Victoria Beckham’s anti ageing moisturizer made from her Blood.

Fashion designer and David Beckham’s wife Victoria Beckham has spent 1,200 pounds on a new moisturizer made from her own blood. The spice girl took to her Instagram stories to share that she is now using the anti-ageing property by Barbara Sturm. She is a doctor loved by celebrities for her vampire facials.

Victoria Beckham

Choosing to try out the range while her daughter Harper, got a facial at Barbara’s clinic in Germany last week. The former Spice Girls singer said that her blood had been used to “create healing factors made by her own cells”.

Victoria first uploaded an image of a slew of bottles from the range and posted: “This week I’ll be using these products.” She then offered a closer look to a tub of moisturizer and informed her followers of the process: “Dr Barbara Sturm took my blood and created healing factors made by my own cells which is highly anti inflammatory and regenerative.”

According to the report, Blood is removed and fed through a syringe containing metal beads, which tricks the blood into thinking they are wounds. The moisturizer can lead to reduced swelling, strengthened tissue and collagen growth. On the other hand, Victoria, who already has glowing skin, said that, “After sleeping in the mask, my skin feels amazing! Super hydrated and clear! And very soft!”.