The Star Kevin Spacey Have to Appear Before Court in Sexual Assault


Well the Famous Hollywood Star is under pressure these days. He has lost many of his projects for the sexual assault charges on him. And now the court has denied his request to skip hearing regarding sexual assault charges. According to the documents of the court, a Massachusetts judge ordered Kevin Spacey must appear for his accusation in the case of alleged sexual assault.

Kevin Spacey had presented a statement to Nantucket district court that his presence at a hearing scheduled for 7 January will earn him negativity in the public. In the statement, the actor said that on accusations that he groped a young man at a local restaurant and bar, would “amplify the negative publicity already generated in connection with this case”.

Kevin Spacey & Sexual Assault

Both Spacey and his attorneys asked the judge to allow the actor to skip the proceeding because he lives outside the state and “my presence will amplify the negative publicity already generated in connection with this case,” according to the motion. Spacey also states in the document that he intended to enter a not guilty plea.

On the other hand, the District Court Judge Thomas Barrett denied that request but the judge has given no further explanation. The Massachusetts court officials, says that the Defendants are required to appear for allegations unless they are granted a waiver by a judge. Prosecutors asked the judge in the case to deny Spacey’s request, and the district Judge Thomas Barrett issued his decision that Spacey must appear for the hearing.

This case became public after Heather Unruh, a former TV news anchor in Boston, came forward and said that the tar has assaulted her teenage son. After that Kevin Spacey was dropped from the Netflix series House of Cards. Not only that and different other projects after allegations he sexually assaulted or harassed multiple men.