Sonam Kapoor on Nepotism and Bollywood


Well, there is no dought that Bollywood since ages is running with Nepotism. After the legends took much of the screen, now there sons, daughters and even their grandsons and daughters can been seen on silver screen. Some already have made the debut, while many others are about to show their skills in films. But question is that are these star kids skillful or their actor father, mother or uncle are ruling the B.Town, so good or not they are in. Similarly Sonam Kapoor, daughter of Anil Kapoor recently talked on Nepotism in Bollywood.

You can say that Sonam Kapoor is one actress in Bollywood who made her own way.  The actress, along with her co-star Dulquer Salmaan, recently spoke on the subject of nepotism. While speaking, she said that she thinks coming from a film background is an advantage and a responsibility. Furthermore, she said that it is very gratifying for the family she comes from and she thinks their fathers have worked very hard to give them everything that they can. According to her, not using what her father has worked so hard for will be disrespectful to his hard work and everything he has built.

Sonam Kapoor on Nepotism

Currently, the actress in promoting her upcoming film ‘The Zoya Factor’, she said, “If you actually understand the meaning of nepotism, it means getting a job through a relative or a friend that you don’t deserve. So, a lot of people are using it without looking at its meaning in a dictionary or Wikipedia. So, any smart person or someone with wisdom should get online and look for its meaning.”

On the other hand, the actress said, her father never shared his worked. Besides the star kid have an advantage but there is also a great responsibility as well. Because whenever the star kid will be performing, there will be more comparison and bigger the criticism.

She added that it is also a huge responsibility as there is always going to be a comparison. It is always going to be living up to someone’s expectations, there always be something that you have to prove.