Shahrukh got angry on Films Rating! Roasted the Critics


It seems that 2018 and 2019 is not that good for the King Khan of Bollywood. Recently with the surprise guest at critics choice film award show Shahrukh got angry on films ratings and roasted the critics. Well, at Critics Choice Film Awards 2019, Shah Rukh Khan roasted film critics and he uses funny speech as a tool. Well there were many Bollywood stars were present but Shahrukh khan stole the show.

Well at the award show, the actor began his speech while teasing the audience by saying that they would have expected him to groove to his hit song ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ but he chooses to speak about films and filmmaking.

Shahrukh Got Angry on Films Rating

He started the speech in funny manner, he continued to talk and said, more importantly, stars like me or filmmakers like me have to change myself as an actor and as a filmmaker. I have to promise myself to push the envelope as far as I can. It’s what my love for the art demands of me and filmmaking demands of me. I like to be superhero, a midget, a fan with a prosthetic face. To become an actor you need to deconstruct yourselves, you need to discard the self.”

Well Shahrukh khan did not stop here; he further added that filmmakers like him are fighting to give credit to constructive and worn-out ideas. So, for change we search for art, filmmakers search for from without searching the essence of the stories.

Well the last part of the speech was the most interesting part. When Shahrukh khan directly address the critics sitting the award, and criticizing them by saying that it a film and a hotel, where they gave stars to the menu. Shahrukh got angry on Films ratings and he said, the star system cannot be the only way of summing up films by our critics. 3 stars, 3.5 stars, 3 and a quarter stars, 5 stars….It’s a film, not a hotel for God sake.