Seann Walsh caught on cheating His Girl Friend


Seann Walsh and married dance partner Katya Jones got on screen while kissing on the street. It was reported that Walsh was pictured kissing Katya Jones outside a London pub in early October. While his girlfriend actress Rebecca was at home on her birthday and waiting for him. After the cheating, actress Rebecca dumped comedian Seann Walsh in an angry Twitter statement.

When, Where and How?

It was recently announced the former contestant would not be taking part in the strictly live tour due to his infamous boozy kiss with Russian dancer. On the other hand, Katya will be performing in the tour and has insisted that her marriage to Neil Jones is going fine.

The Booze

The comedian Seann Walsh and pro star Katya Jones kissed outside a London pub on a night out, following weeks of flirting on and off the dance-floor. As revealed in picture and then in video. Both were on high, when they were intimating on street.  After that the famous comedian was banned on the show. On the other hand the co star is still the part of show as fans slammed the decision. After the fans slammed, the comedian is allowed to perform under check.

It is reported that, both are always laughing and go around, and are incredibly bound with each other. The crew and cast knew these things but no one is expecting this type of act from them.

Well the irony is not that, Sean and Katya appeared as the latest pair to be hit by the show’s “curse” on relationships. While 12million viewers saw the comedian performs a sexually charged with Katya. While his girlfriend, Rebecca Humphries, believed to be cheering them on in the audience, unaware of their kiss.

After that the comedian found laughing about the shameful act, rather been apologetic, he said, I will tell you this and we will stop talking about it. But look, I don’t really need to explain myself but I will anyway. He explained that he was already coming to end of his relationship with the actress.