Salman Khan on the Launch of song of Bharat! I enjoyed My Life


Recently Salman Khan on the launch of song from his new film Bharat said “Whatever has happened in my life has made me what I am”. The 53-year-old actor, whose was controversy’s favorite child during the late ‘90s and early 2000s, said he finds every chapter of his life interesting. On the launch superstar said, “It is a difficult question for me. All the chapters in my life are interesting. And till the time those chapters wouldn’t have been part of my life I wouldn’t be there. Whatever has happened in my life has brought me here.”

Besides the Salman Khan, the female role lead of the film Katrina Kaif was present at the ‘Zinda’ song launch. The actor was asked a question about anything from his life has to be erased or repeat the replied that he is happy with the events in his life. He called the film, directed by regular collaborator Ali Abbas Zafar, one of the most difficult projects of his career.

Salman Khan on Bharat Film Roles

According to Salman Khan, the film is a bit different and difficult from his wrestling film ‘Sultan’. He says that Bharat is more difficult than Sultan, because in ‘Sultan’, he had to gain and lose weight. He was shooting and then going to the gym.

But in this film, “Here also (‘Bharat’) it is pretty much the same. To look younger I had to lose weight and then as I age I had to put on weight.”

Salman will be seen essaying the role of Bharat from the age of 20s to 70. He called the film, directed by frequent collaborator Ali Abbas Zafar, one of the most difficult projects of his career.

When asked whether he had any doubts in playing a man in his 70s, the actor said he found it rather interesting. He said that, no, because, he has done in a different manner.

He further said, “I have a beard and grey hair.” While, talking about the role, the actor said that he is a 70-year-old but he is like a 40-year-old. He has swag, style and energy like a young man.

“The title is ‘Bharat’ and so that amount of respectability should be there. We have given our best to the film. It is not a pseudo-intelligent kind of a film and that is for critics. We have made the film for the audience. “There are a lot of hardships, struggles, fun and entertainment. He is a middle class family man.”