Rose Hanbury Is Prince William’s Alleged Mistress?


Despite Prince William’s trying hard to cover the story, which has called a panic in Buckingham Palace. According to the news this is first time since the Princes Charles and Princess Diana dispute. On the other hand, there are some alleged reports of a dispute between Kate Middleton and ‘Marchioness of Cholmondeley’ Rose Hanbury. She was a longtime friend of Prince William’s wife Kate. After that everyone and media try to know that Rose Hanbury is Prince William’s Alleged Mistress?

When and Where

Rose Hanbury, who lives just miles away from Cambridge country home at Norfolk, England, Houghton Hall, is the long-lasting friend of Kate. It seems that the Royal families are not having a quiet favorable time. Earlier this week the two best friends Kate and Rose are no longer friends. And all this happened because Prince William is allegedly cheating on his wife Kate with Rose Hanbury.

Rose Hanbury Is Prince William’s Alleged Mistress

Besides, Rose was also a former model who still enjoys and posts glamorous and tempting photos of her on Instagram page. Well According to the news Kate and her husband William used to go on trips, dinners and on vacations with Rose and her husband David George Cholmondeley. And it revealed that Prince William has alleged affair with the wife’s best friend Rose.

The couples had their very own inner circle and there are rumors that William and Rose had a relation beyond friendship relationship. And more precisely it happened during Kate’s third child pregnancy with William.

Though things are set confidential between the two best friends feud recently Kate reportedly considered legal action against some of the news papers as well.  Prince William also issue a warning to news, that he will sues anyone who will report this. As according to him, it is totally false report and he has nothing to do with Rose.