Nargis Fakhri’s Pregnancy? Actress Lashes Out on News Portal


Well there was bit of controversy happened in Bollywood, as news portal gave the news of about the Nargis Fakhri’s Pregnancy. The report quoted a source from the sets of the film who claimed that she kept taking breaks because she was puking. And later, they got to know that she is expecting her first baby. Not only that, but the news says that she pregnant with beau Matt Alonzo. Well this news made the headlines in Bollywood, but when it comes to Nargis Fakhri about her Pregannancy, she slammed the news.

The Rockstar actress was recently wearing loose outfits at an event. And that which reported that she was pregnant. Well she was not pleased by the rubbish reports, which claim that she is in the family way. She sparked pregnancy rumors after she was seen with what appeared to be a baby bump hidden underneath loose clothing at a recent event.

Nagis Fakhri Reaction

Earlier in 2017, the actress was also rumored with the pregnancy reports, but that time she rejected the news with smile. But this time, it is different story; the Bollywood queen slams the news and called is rubbished. Nargis Fakhri condemned the news about her pregnancy, claimed by news portal live mirror. The actress took a twitter and slammed the news with her tweets.

The actress tweeted, “Take this down @TheLive_Mirror your reporter published lies & not only that he has also body shamed a person that may actually be suffering from an illness. Get your facts right before u publish.”

Earlier, in an interview, the actress had stated she does not let trolling or criticism affects her in any way. She stated, “I don’t care or give a damn about criticism. We are too much in limelight. So, during my downtime, I like to be relaxed and not focus on these things.”