Miley Cyrus to miss the MTV VMAs


The leading and popular singer Miley Cyrus will miss the MTV VMAs. Well, that’s pretty bad news for the fans and Miley herself. The singer hasn’t been nominated for any MTV awards this year, and her fans are furious. After the news and messages on some of their social media pages, many Miley fans will boycott the 2019 MTV VMAs. Fans say that they are surprised and disappointed how a world famous singer is not nominated for music awards. On the other hand, Miley said that there is no way; she is going to perform in the MTV music awards.

One of fans wrote, “Guess I’m not watching the VMAS this year, “unless Miley performs”. And Miley replied, “No f….n way”. While, another fan post wrote, “They care more about a fucking green screen than a message to the world. Nominate anyone but at least do not use the image of Miley to promote their damn prizes.” This prompted Cyrus to reply, “Exactly.”

Miley Cyrus to Miss VMAs

Talking about this awards controversy, fans are taking the “green screen” references as a dig against Justin Bieber’s latest music video with Ed Sheeran. But, likely, Cyrus doesn’t mean for any shade against fellow musicians. Instead, she’s frustrated with the VMAs for ignoring her prominent contribution to music and culture this past year.

After it appeared that Cyrus wasn’t going to be performing at the VMAs, fans were quick to draw conclusions about the reasons why.

Most felt that Cyrus was likely annoyed that she was snubbed by the VMAs, despite the fact that she released several high-profile singles and music videos leading up to the awards show.

Well, she is not the only one, who is snubbed by MTV. There are at least 10 nominees who are snubbed by the MTV including Madonna, Katty Perry and K-Pop group.