#MeToo Moment in Bollywood! The dispute Continues


The MeToo movement has finally arrived in India and women from media & entertainment industry came forward to share their experiences. With recent controversies in Bollywood, where Sajid khan earlier and now another director with repute, Rajkummar Hirani are being in news. Many have taken their sides but many remained silent. But those who are supporting are criticized by the friends and family of the accused.

When, Where and How?

Recently, Filmmaker Sajid Khan faced #MeToo allegations from multiple women in October 2018. After the allegations, He lost a prestigious project, Housefull 4 that he was directing. Farhan Akhtar, who is Sajid’s cousin, condemned and criticized his alleged sexual misconduct on Twitter. Farah Khan, sister of Sajid Khan is annoyed with his tweet. On the other hand, Vikram Bhatt, Ajay Devgn and other have talked about the sexual harassment in the industry.


#MeToo Moment

The #MeToo scandal has been knocking on the doors of Bollywood and a lot of skeletons are tumbling out of the closet. However, several Bollywood stars and film-makers have come out in support of Rajkumar Hirani and asked everyone to wait till the final verdict is out. One among them is Vikram Bhatt!

In a #MeToo situation you are required to fully support and under no circumstances disregard the lady in question for whatever she is saying. I agree.  And yet, let us not forget that everyone is innocent until he or she is proven guilty. I cannot understand what is the hurry to put Mr. Hirani in the Shame Slammer? Can we not wait for justice to prevail?”

On the other hand, ‘Not that Farah expected Farhan to speak in Sajid’s support, but being family, the least Farhan and his sister Zoya could’ve done was to hold Farah’s hand during this hour of crisis, or so Farah believed.”

Well, the veteran actor Ajay Devgn said, “When people take advantage of the movement, it harms the purpose of the actual cause. Not all people are bad. But if we are only projecting one side, the next generation might get scared to step into the industry. That is why it is important to be responsible,” added the actor-producer.