Mahie Gill Reveals about Her Boyfriend and Daughter


The actress got famous from her first film ‘Dev D’. Mahie Gill revealed some interesting and answers some long waiting questions as well. Interestingly, the actress has revealed about her boy friend and 3 years old daughter and well it surprises many. The actress is generally known to be quite tight-lipped about her personal life, spoke about her daughter for the first time. She revealed that she’s in a live-in relationship with a businessman and also bared her heart about her marriage plans.

During her recent interviews, she spoke about her personal life and daughter, moreover about her boy friend. Yet she did say his name but gave lots of clues. She also said that she’s unmarried but she is in a relationship. Speaking about her daughter, Mahie said: “I am very proud that I am a mother of a daughter. Yes, I have not been married yet. When I want to marry, I will do it. In August this year, my child will be three-years-old.”

Mahie Gill and Her Boyfriend

While talking about her personal life, she said that she has no pressure for marriage from either side. You should have marriage but it’s not obligatory. While talking about her boy friend, she had revealed, “I’d love to name him but he wants to stay out of the limelight. He owns hotels and casinos across Goa as well as globally.”

she said, “I was with him when he opened a venture in Georgia recently. Sometimes, it feels like we’re in a long-distance relationship as he travels a lot. But whenever he’s in Goa, I move there as both of us own properties there.”

Coming back to marriage, the actress said we have to get married…koi farak nahi padta koi (it makes no difference). We have no pressures to succumb too. I already commented above that I need freedom and my free space. Freedom for both of is very important. We love and respect each other.

Besides that talking about naming her Veronica, the actress revealed, “Her name is Veronica. She lives with me. On the other hand, Mahie hinted that they might have wedding on August this year.