Kylie Jenner Asked Jordyn Woods to Pick Up Her Stuff


Perhaps fans were thinking that, Kyle might forgive the Jordyn Woods, while other thoughts that it’s all a drama. But now it becomes clear that Kylie did not want to go with any relation with her former best friend Jordyn Woods. And all this happened when Kylie’s sister Husband Tristan Thompson caught cheating with the Kylie’s best friend.  Recently, Kylie Jenner Asked Jordyn Woods to Pick Up Her Stuff immediately. And people are thinking what reason behind that is.

It appears that while they used to be best friends, Kylie and Jordyn are now nothing more than acquaintances. “Kylie texts with Jordyn occasionally but is not going to let her back in or be close with her. She’s put the whole ordeal behind her,” the source explains.

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods

According to the reports, Kylie was out at the time when Jordyn stopped off to get the last few things of hers from the guest house. It is said the Kardashian family member believed Jordyn leaving her stuff at Kylie’s was both ‘ridiculous and disrespectful’.

On the other hand, there is story that Woods came by to pick up her things from Jenner’s home almost two weeks ago. But the Kardashians star was very chill about the situation; that’s why she didn’t ask Woods to get all of her stuff out immediately.

But now Jenner immediately urged her former BFF to get her things out of her home because she wanted to maintain the peace in her family. Jenner wasn’t at home when Woods dropped by, but the housekeeper let her in without any issue.

Besides that, Jenner and Woods have maintained an friendship relationship with each other after the cheating scandal that unfolded last year. However, the former best friends are no longer as close as they once were.