Kim Kardashian Gets Roasted on Epic Photoshop Fail

Kim Kardashian Gets Roasted on Epic Photoshop Fail

Fans and followers with eagle-eyes are all over the internet, so it is so dangerous and unwise to upload a Photoshop post without looking at it a thousand times even if you have done a GOOD job, let alone a pretentious attempt. Kim Kardashian gets roasted by fans for doing the same.

Kim Kardashian Gets Roasted

Kim posted a throwback to a snake-themed photoshoot (captioned “Venomousss”) which looked harmless enough.

But if you look just a little bit closer at the first image in the shoot, you’ll notice something slightly unsettling yet slightly funny.

Kim Kardashian Gest Roasted

Yes, that’s right. If you look on the right side of her head, you will notice two fingers extruding out from inside of her hair.

Except Kim has a third hand that she’s been able to keep secret for a really long time, that is a photoshop FAIL. Everybody else on the internet except her was able to find it pretty quickly.