Kendra Wilkinson & Chad Johnson Spark Romance Rumors


Well they say, there is something between them, Chad Johnson, was spotted on a date with Kendra Wilkinson. Kendra Wilkinson & Chad Johnson was seen with hands in hands together at Rocco’s Tavern in Los Angeles. But anyway, the date seemed to go well according to their body language. The two left the restaurant holding hands and with huge smiles on their faces! They spent around an hour inside the restaurant.

The Love Story

The photos were obtained by the news and they show the pair leaving the restaurant, Rocco’s Tavern, holding hands. They were both all smiles as paparazzi snapped pictures of them. Naturally, it didn’t take long for people to start speculating that they were dating. Earlier, Kendra Wilkinson sets the record straight on whether or not she’s dating Chad Johnson. And on her Insta Stories she wrote, “I have no time or energy to date anyone,” she said frankly. “I’m focusing on my kids and myself. Rest. Health. Work.” She reassure her fans that she when she plans to get into a relationship with someone, she’ll “be the one to let yall know.”

Kendra Wilkinson & Chad Johnson

But definitely, this situation or more referred to state of mind has been changed. While on the date, Kendra rocked a light blue wrap top with dark denim jeans, and a silver knee-length puffy coat. She kept her hair loose and natural, and had a gorgeous pink flush on her cheeks! Chad wore dark denim as well, also rocking a light blue top underneath his blue chunky knit sweater.

Kendra filed for divorce from 36-year-old former football player Hank Baskett in April 2018, but it certainly looks like she’s having fun with “bad” Chad since she’s now single! Kendra and Chad both have some pretty famous exes.  Kendra dated and lived with Hugh Hefner, who passed away at 91 in 2017. Chad notoriously dated JoJo Fletcher, on The Bachelorette, and then caused a little bit of trouble on Bachelor in Paradise season three. He was kicked off the show for his pot-stirring antics.