Karan Johar on His Feminine Part!


The Famous Bollywood director, producer and host Karan Johar has split personality or he tend to have both male and female part in him. Recently, Karan Johar on his Feminine part revelation becomes talks of the town. He was on hot seat with a chat show hosted by Arbaaz Khan Pinch. When host talks about the homophobia in the country and took a user’s question “Did you have a gender malfunction? The reply was a bit fun to laugh at.

Among the first questions he took was on his sexuality. Karan read a user’s question, “Did you have a gender malfunction?” and replied, “No. I was born a man, I am proud to be a man; I have a woman in me that make me more of a man.” This was followed by more mean tweets in the same vein. Taking them head on, Karan said, “Initially, when I used to get it, I used to deal with it by being upset and being angry but then I got into the state of indifference. And now I am in a state of glorious amusement.”

Karan Johar on Her Feminine Part

Well as the chat show is going further, there were answers which were taken as surprise by the audience. In fact, not for some, he was asked question through tweets about her babies and being mother? He becomes sensitive and Karan Johar on his feminine part said that, it a new age and I am very possessive about my children.

He said, “Conventionally the children are raised by a mother and a father and I get that. I am a single parent and it comes with its own set of challenges. But that doesn’t mean a man and a woman have different roles to play.”

He further addresses, “I have enough love to give to my child and also I have a mother at home whom they call ‘mama’. I am co-parenting my children with my mother and I don’t think there can be a better relationship or a situation than that.” He further said that he has both sides like father and mother for his children.