Karan Johar Angry with Tara Sutaria For Praising Kangana Ranaut?


If you give an actress a debut and she praises your rival, what will be your reaction? Obviously you will be angry and furious on it. Thats what happened to Karan Johar as well. As people says that film industry is cruel world. Karan Johar angry with Tara Sutaria for praising Kangana Ranaut, but she got debut in his film as well. That’s look like a strange thing, recently, while promoting her debut film, Student Of The Year 2, Tara Sutaria praised Kangana Ranaut. On the other hand, Kangana often in the headlines for her cold war with Karan Johar.

The most interesting part yet to come, after the director Karan Johar angry with Tara Sutaria, she also took a big ‘U turn’, And guess what? Tara has already taken U-turn and now, all of a sudden she’s all praises for Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone but refused to say a word for Kangana Ranaut!

Karan Johar Angry with Tara Sutaria

Earlier in her interview, the debutant said, Kangana has achieved everything on the basis of her talent and without any support whatsoever. And being an upcoming actor, for me, Kangana Ranaut is a role model as she has inspired me.”

After that, the dislikeness goes high by Karan Johar for Tara. According to Karan Johar he said that “Ek toh Tara is being introduced by Karan. And then she knows what Kangana and her sister have been doing to provoke Karan. Given the circumstances it seems very odd that Tara has taken this moment to praise Kangana.

The source further added, “Considering that Tara the ‘outsider’ has been treated as well as her co-star the ‘insider’ Ananya Pandey it seems strange that Tara should feel such a strong sense of bonding with the eternally persecuted outsider.

The U Turn

Well, she is been new to industry, but Karan doesn’t want to give Kangana any importance. Well after that in her latest interview, she tried to clear the thing about Kangana. Now she said, “I actually said that I look up to all the women that are senior to us in the industry. All of them are just so good in their own ways. So, I think I can’t choose one actress.”

She further added, “I think Priyanka Chopra and even Deepika Padukone for sure. I feel as women they are really strong and empowered, with their choices of films.