Kangana Ranaut Almost Assaulted by Mahesh Bhatt on Rejecting a Film

Kangana Ranaut Almost Assaulted by Mahesh Bhatt on Rejecting a Film

Bollywood critic queen Kangana Ranaut is determined to speak up against the nepotism in the industry and now she shared a shocking experience of her own. She shared a tragic incident of her career in which she had to face hostility. Now, the bold actress of Bollywood pointed her guns at director Mahesh Bhatt said he nearly assaulted her after she rejected his production Dhoka.

Kangana Ranaut Assaulted by Mahesh Bhatt

According to Kangana, if his daughter Pooja Bhatt hadn’t stopped him, he would have beaten her.

Kangana Ranaut Assaulted by Mahesh Bhatt

In a recent interview, the actor recalled how she was introduced by Mahesh in his production Gangster.

“Well, I am grateful, but that does not give them the right to call me mad and psychotic and throw chappals at me. Mahesh Bhatt threw a chappal at me,” she said.

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She continued to reveal how she was later invited into the studio and offered a role in Dhoka but due to her not believing in what the film stood for; she had to refuse the offer.

“Even at 18, I had this much common sense. I said, ‘If you are tortured, there is a lot you can do. You can join the army or police. Why do you have to become a suicide bomber?’ I said no to that film.”

Mahesh Bhatt and Kangana Ranaut

She went on to reveal his response to her refusal: “He was actually about to come on to me like he is going to hit me or something. His daughter held him back and said, ‘Papa, don’t.’ I escaped somehow.”

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Talking about the slipper incident that happened amidst the trial of Woh Lamhe, Kangana said: “He came to the main gate of the theatre and he chased me out. He yelled at me. I was still trying to sneak in because I wanted to see my film. He threw a chappal. Two people took him inside.”

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She further exposed how the film industry was currently experiencing a ‘hangover of mafias’: “Why can’t I say no if I want to? These people are still in the hangover of the mafias, that ‘Bhai Ko Mana Nahi Kar Sakte’ otherwise you will be shot dead. That needs to stop in Bollywood.”