Has Nana Patekar granted clean chit in Sexual Harassment?


Well the controversy with confusion is high in Bollywood. There is news that actor Nana Patekar granted clean chit in sexual harassment case by police. On the other hand, the accuser Tanushree Dutta said that it is not true. Well after the investigation, according to source close to the actor claimed that the police have now given a clean chit. It further says as no eye-witness has confirmed the sexual harassment incident. It is being reported that police have statements of 15 people till date but none of them has confirmed that such an incident happened a decade ago.

When, Where and How?

Last year Tanushree Dutta had accused Nana Patekar of sexual harassment. The actress had narrated the horrifying incident which happened with her on the sets of Horn Ok Pleassss. She sparked the #MeToo movement in India which encouraged women to open up about their nightmares. Earlier, Tanushree Dutta had accused both Nana Patekar and choreographer Ganesh Acharya of sexual harassment. She had stated that the two forced her to do an intimate dance step with Nana against her will.

Nana Patekar and Sexual Harassment

Well after the news, Tanushree Dutta said that, it is false news. He claimed that the team Nana Patekar o spreading the rumors. While talking to entertainment news portal, Tanushree questioned, “Who are these 15 witnesses? Are they from my side or Nana’s side?

She claimed that, these witnesses are Nana friends and how police can give a clean chit to this matter. Because this is matter of Bollywood, it is about the future of actresses in the film industry. The actress said, “I don’t need witnesses to prove that I was harassed. The truth is sometimes difficult to prove in a court of law when it comes to harassment. The cops have been so slow with the probe. The mentality of people is such that they will lie to protect such criminals and prove the woman wrong.”

In her statement, she also alleged that the investigation process has slowed down “due to constant threat calls from Nana’s people received by many key witnesses from our side who have been unable to record their statement due to fear and intimidation.”

Later the accuser said that, Mumbai police has not given such a statement. I wish to clarify that the investigation on the matter is still ongoing as confirmed by my advocate and the Mumbai Police.”