Hailey Baldwin Slams Trolls for Calling her “Fake Christian”

Hailey Baldwin Slams Trolls for Calling her “Fake Christian”

Hailey Baldwin now Hailey Bieber is just trying to enjoy the mysterious season in harmony, but typically, some people have to be perfect sorcerers. They judged the Hailey with their sorceress nature and this didn’t end here. Hailey Baldwin slams the trolls for calling her “Fake Christian” for celebrating Halloween.

As October 31st is about to come, Hailey Baldwin is looking for a Halloween costume and took to her Instagram Stories to ask her followers for ideas on what she should be this year. 

Hailey Baldwin Slams Trolls

“Spooky season is upon us and I need good ideas for Halloween!!! Send some my way,” the model, who is very clear about her religious views, wrote to her Instagram stories. 

hailey baldwin slams trolls

And a few of her followers replied to her post by actually asking her about religious beliefs.

“Aren’t you a Christian?” one asked, to which the model replied, “Yes. I still dress up for Halloween.”

‘FAKE CHRISTIAN,’ wrote another wicked hater. Baldwin took the opportunity to respond, slamming the troll with compassion.

Hailey Baldwin replies to trolls on Halloween

“Our kids are gonna celebrate too,” she wrote with a smiley face, including her husband Justin Bieber in on their future family plan.

While some Christians refuse to participate in Halloween due to its sinister representation and the concept that evil spirits come out to possess the living, Hailey sees the fun in the weird festival, and later said she liked the idea of Harley Quinn, Catwoman, or the Bride of Chucky. 

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber

Justin and Hailey tied the knot (again) last month in September at the Montage Palmetto Bluff hotel in South Carolina, and true, it was a star-studded ceremony. 

Mr and Mrs Bieber

154 of their dearest family members and colleagues joined for the special event, including Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, Scooter Braun, and Carl Lentz.

hailey baldwin and justin bieber

hailey baldwin and justin bieber