Get Ready for First Female James Bond! Lashana Lynch


From Sean Connery to Danial Crag, there has been number of 007 British royal spies. But new eras demands new type of James Bond, so now get ready for first female James Bond. The Lashana Lynch, who is currently working in Bond 25, will be next British first female spy. There are reports that Daniel Craig’s will have last outing as James Bond. And fans of the franchise are waiting with heavy heart for a big announcement of who will be replacing him. Well, British actress Lashana Lynch is going to take over the license to kill role.

When It Will Happen?

MI6 agent, paralleling the famous way James Bond likes his drinks prepared, the iconic franchise is apparently about to get a major shake-up. The reports say that the 007 secret agent number will be taken over by a woman in the 25th Bond installment. The movie is set to debut next year. Daniel Craig, who has played the stylish agent since 2006’s “Casino Royale,” will play Bond in the film, but it will be his last appearance in the role.

Female James Bond Lashana Lynch

According to the report, the current story or mission of “Bond 25” begins with the titular character in retirement. The role will be passed on to 31-year-old British actress Lashana Lynch. She previously starred as a fighter pilot in “Captain Marvel” movie. In crisis, spy boss (M) calls Bond back, and in a crucial scene early in the film.

It reveals Lynch’s character “Nomi” as the new 007. Besides that Bond is initially attracted to his successor and attempts to seduce her, but it doesn’t work.

On the other hand, the new 007 is said to have the task of heading to Jamaica to convince Bond to emerge from retirement and save the world again.

After the new female James Bond, the phrase “Bond girls” has been banned on the set. Instead people involved with the film have been asked to say “Bond women”. Besides that the new James Bond, Bond 25 has new villain is Rami Malek.