Brad Pitt Calls Leonardo DiCaprio ‘Best of the Best’


Its big thing for Leonardo DiCaprio as Hollywood super star calls him the best of the best.  It was during the Cannes film festival, when both appeared in talk show regarding their film ‘Once upon Time in Hollywood’. Brad Pitt says he would love to work with his co-star Leonardo DiCaprio again.

The Quentin Tarantino directorial is the first collaboration between the two Hollywood stars and Pitt, said they had a “fun” time working on the film. “It was great, great ease, fun. I had a great laugh with him. And it’s that thing of knowing you got the best of the best on the opposite side of the table holding up the scene with you.

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio

On the other hand, DiCaprio warmly thanked him for his comments and calling him “a terrific actor” and “a professional”. He said the fact that Tarantino worked thoroughly on the back-stories of the characters they play in the film helped them settle in as co-stars with more ease.

The Oscar winner Brad Pitt may don’t have easy real life, but hi film life is spectacular and awesome. In the interview, he added that they have a same reference points. So, both have been going through this at the same time. They have pretty kind of similar experiences to cherish upon. I hope we do it again, it was great fun.” He further revealed.

Pitt and DiCaprio have taken Cannes by storm since their Quentin Tarantino film premiered. DiCaprio said there was “incredible ease and comfort getting to work alongside Brad.”

Moreover, both said that, their career started almost at the same time in Bollywood and they were considered outsiders. So, the film director has revealed our stories in Hollywood and it is great how he handled it with perfection.