Bollywood Director, Actor Diljit and Rapper Badshah’s Confession


Well in Koffee with Karan Johar, Punjabi Movies director and actor Diljit Dosanjh confess many things about his life, film and singing career as well. Not only he but the Indian Rapper Badshah also confesses many things in a show. They both shared many things and events about the life and career, from earlier life till date. These revelations also showed some things about their relations with girls, actresses and about their making over.

Diljit and Badshah sharing about the first time they performed for an audience. Diljit said it was his own village, when he asked to performed he forgot the lyrics of song after just two lines. For Badshah, it was a little bit too daring, “After the show, I found out I was sold to a gay club to perform at a gay party”. Everybody laughed after hearing this.

The Making Over

While in a show, when the host asked about the making over with women, Diljit got shy but Badshah did not. Karan Johar asked them if they had made out in a car or a farm, Badshah answer immediately with yes, on the other hand, Diljit, however, blush a little but accepted that he had made out in a car. For further question, when Karan asked, if the guest were with two women at one time. The Punjabi actor director denied, While, Badshah owned up to it right away.

The film director accepted that he is very conscious about his fashion choices. He said he plans his outfits a day in advance and even lets the paparazzi know where he will be so they can click his picture. Badshah also narrated an event, when he was 15. A man booked him for a small show after listening to him rap on the streets. While the audience loved his performance, he later realized that it was a crowd of gay men.

Diljit and Badshah also talked about their first meetings with Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. Diljit said he met Salman while he was shooting next door and asked a crew member to introduce them. Karan then asked Diljit about his obsession with Kylie Jenner and posting funny comments on her pictures in Punjabi. Badshah was also in of his Shah Rukh Khan, whom he met at a party. He said Shah Rukh served treated him nicely, served food himself and drop him to his car as well.