Arjun Kapoor Delaying Wedding With Malaika Because Of His Sister


Bollywood is a strange place, every star is in relation but none of them is confirming and denying it. Therefore, media is portraying that, what people and fans wanted to hear. Ever since Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora have posed like a true couple at the screening of India’s Most Wanted. Now, a new reason comes along, as Arjun Kapoor Delaying Wedding with Malaika because of his sister. According to news that the actor wanted his sister Anshula Kapoor to married first.

The Relation

Besides that, the former has become quite comfortable about talking about Malaika and his future plans. In his recent interview, Arjun talked about live-in relationship and also revealed why he feels that before marrying someone, it’s better to try live-in relationship. There were rumors that the couple will be tying the knot soon. And the rumor factory is going on, while the speculations around their wedding dates kept cropping up time and again.

Arjun Kapoor Delaying Wedding With Malaika

I live with my sister. It is practically two people living in a fairly comfortable house where there’s space. For me, personally, I believe in the institution of marriage but I do not believe that you need to jump the gun. If you want to see if you are capable of living together you can just live together for a bit and see.

While replying on the marriage with Malaika Arora, the actor becomes bit philosophical. He said that if Malaika likes, he would be very happy. If she says, “No, I want to wait for a bit,” I’ll be okay. She believes in the institution of marriage and so do I. Despite whatever we’ve seen in our lives, we both have faith that marriage is good. Let her make something out of herself. She’s focusing on her work right now, so I’ve not had the marriage conversation with her.”

His Final Words

Arjun this time speaks openly and said, if you’re with someone for even three days, the marriage question pops up. Shaadi karlo, tumhari umar ho gayi hai, abhi kitna sochoge? He revealed, “I wanted to just work, work, and work. I was chasing distraction because I had lost my parent. I had lost my mother. I didn’t care much for this side of my life. Because this didn’t feel important.